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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Free Mind.

On my walk it was as if my mind had exploded. The thoughts where coming up left and right, but i never really stuck to one long enough for me to understand when I was thinking about  that person/thing/event. In a way, it was such a refreshment from my usual life. All the thoughts I hide away during the day can now be brought to my attention. It aloud me to think so clearly afterword, and the rest of my day was continued with ease.
Romantic writing is  "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" Which was exactly what my walk was. So anything that follows this is then considered romantic writing.


Monday, September 24, 2012


Admit- confess to be true.
The child confessed to his parents about breaking the window.

Amicable- Friendliness, without serious disagreement.
Tom And Jerry are definitely not amicable.

Averse- Strong dislike, opposition to something
Some people my have averse feeling about our president.

Beligerent- Hostile and agressive
The wolves are very beligerent at night when they hunt.

Benevolent- Well meaning, friendly
I am always benevolent to new people.

Cursory- Hasty, not detailed
The hastily written essay was full of grammatical errors.

Duplicity- Deceitfulness in speech
The duplicity in Tom Sawyer's speech is astonishing.

Extol- To praise highly
The boy extolled his favorite superhero.

Feasible- To do easily, conviently
The exemplary student found his homework very feasible.

Grimace- Disgust, disapproval
The scary movie was of great grimace and fear.

Holocaust- Destruction or slaughter.
The Holocaust of the Jews was a great tragedy.

Impervious- Not penetrable    
Supermans' body is impervious to bullets.

Impetus- Impulse, a moving force
When he stared into her eyes his impetus was to kiss her.

Jeopardy- Risk of loss or danger
If you text and drive then you are in jeopardy of your life.

Meticulous- Showing great attention to detail.
Many realist painters are very meticulous in their work.

Nostalgia- Longing for things, persons, or situation in time.
The old mans' nostalgia for his youth was a beautiful, yet depressing sight.

Quintessence- concentrated essence of a substance.
The quintessence of the insense was very potent.

Retrogress- go back to a worse state.
The student slowly began to retrogress in his academics.

Scrutinize- Exam of inspect closely.
The scientist scrutinized every little bit of the experiment.

Tepid- Slightly warm
The tepid pool water was perfect for cool afternoon swim.  

Monday, September 17, 2012


allude-refer to something the author thinks you should know.
The author alluded to an important event in his story.

 clairvoyant- able to perceive things beyond sense.
The Authors' ideas were cairvoyant.

 conclusive- final; decisive
The conclusive ending tied together the movie very well.

 disreputable- of poor reputation.
His past report cards were disreputable, but he is doing much better now.

 endemic- pervasive in a particular place.
the plant was endemic to the garden.

 exemplary-of note worth importance.
The discovery of a new element was exemplary.

 fathom- measure of ocean depth; to understand.
The he couldn't fathomed the new math techniques.

 guile- to trick; trickiness.
The class clown was filled with guile when it came to April Fools Day.

 integrity- integrate thought, word, and action.
Charles Bukowski had great integrity in his work.

 itinerary- trip schedule.
His itinerary for Europe was packed full of tours.

 misconstrue- misunderstand; misrepresent.
The punishment was misconstrued by the convict.

 obnoxious- rude
The moody child was obnoxious.

 placate- calm down; satisfy.
The therapist placated her client.

 placid- calm; peaceful.
Port SLO is a very placid place.

 plagiarism- taking someones work;representing it as your own.
It is illegal to use plagiarism when writing an essay.

 potent- powerful.
The smell of flowers was potent in the green house.

The unwanted information is pretext when it comes to biology.

 protrude- to stick out.
The the tree branch protruded into the street.

 stark- obvious; clear.
The images from the photo showed stark emotions.

 superficial- shallow; at a surface level.
His looks were only superficial, his personality was hidden under his looks.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Levi commercial (Explained)

the poem is "The laughing Heart" by Charles Bukowski
this poem is about being you to your entirety, not bowing down to something bigger then you. This is ironic cause in a way you are bowing down by buying their jeans, which they claim will give you freedom.
OF COURSE this poem reflects Charles Bukowski! This poem has his name written all over it (besides the fact he wrote.) He was a man of the people and he lived as a civilian so what he wrote really touched other, likely for the reason they went through the same thing.
I found my answers through this site:
and my other source was from Mareya Biely (google Mareya Biely for her blog on blogger)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Aha!" meanings, signs, and symbols

An "Aha" moment for me was from the chimpanzee section in the first article. I can now say with out a doubt that I understand what a sign is. "In bringing (something else) to our minds, signs give meaning to our lives." When I read this it was completely an "aha!" moment. Thought about how we as humans communicate and perceive words or object where now very clear to me and shed some light on little things that I would normally never take the time of day to understand.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Symbols of (YGB)

1. The Pink ribbon- Purity, gave me knowledge that Faith was pure and innocent.  

2. The old man- the devil, The bringer of temptation and evil/ a problem for YGB

3. The Staff- a temptation, An allusion to the Apple from Adam and Eve.

4. Why the staff is a snake- Evil, Foreshadowed the biblical allusion to this story. 

5. The Trees- Darkness, An over baring evil that seems to consume YGB.

6. YGB interpretation of the trees- People/Enemies, To me this seemed to show YGB's paranoia of where he is and what he is obtaining. 

7. Faith- The pure, She is the one who YGB unconsciously has him questioning what he is doing.

8. YGB (himself)- Man, the average human/ you in a story.

9.The town priest (going into the forest)- symbolizes original sin. Meaning that everyone does wrong.

10. The fire- also temptation. it draws YGB to the center of the forest but the trail he is leaving will soon be lost in darkness.

Vocab #3

 encomium-a formal expression of high praise.
1.)An encomium from the governor to the many veterans.
 coherent-sticking together.
2.) My friends and I are very coherent during a rough time.
 belabor-to beat severely.
3.) If a parent is belaboring a child you should call the authorities.
 eschew-to keep away from (something harmful or disliked.)
4.)He eschewed punishment by doing his chores.
 acquisitive-eager to acquire.
5.)The selfish teenager was acquisitive what she didn't have.
 emulate- to copy or imitate.
6.)The Rose emulated her favorite artists.
 arrogate-to seize something without justification.
7.)He arrogated his license at the DMV the day after his DUI.
 banal-dull or stale as because of overuse.
8.)Spanish class is banal on certain days.
 excoriation-to strip, scratch, or rub off the skin of.
9.)The excoriation of the boys scab caused him great pain. 
 congeal-to solidify or thicken by cooling or freezing.
10.)The grease congealed in the frying pan after this mornings. 
 carping-tending to carp, or find fault.
11.)The medicine was carping to the patients health.
 substantiate- to prove a claim to be true.
12.)The witness was the lawyers way to substantiate the case.
 temporize-to suit one's actions to the time.
13.)I am going to temporize by keeping my mouth shut.
 largesse-money given with ease.
14.)The Easter bunny is largesse.
 tenable-to be sustained or maintained.
15.)The trial was tenable by the evidence.
 insatiable-appetite for something that cannot be satisfied.
16.)The tiresome child was insatiable.
 reconnaissance-an exploratory survey or examination.
17.)The mechanic made a reconnaissance about the problems with a customers car.
 germane- something relevant to the topic ramify.
18.)The rude comment was germane to the conversation.
 ramified-spread; branch out
19.)The kids ramified when they saw the teacher coming.
 intransigent-someone stubborn or unwilling to change his views.
20.)The mule was intransigent
 taciturn- someone who doesn't say much.
21.)The new born toddler was taciturn.
 invidious-something that is likely to cause anger.
22.)The mean boy was invidious with all his lies.