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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Modern Writing (today)

I feel like writing now compared to five years ago is filled with a lot of slange and different means of expression with your words chosen. Five years ago writing wasn't too much different than how it is today but it definitely has outdated frases that we may not use as much today. I would say yes, even though it has only been five years, what inspires me and what the world has giving me to express myself has changes a lot.   


I have chosen George Orwell, he was an amazing story teller. I had never really harmed much about him( Only His Writing) so I am very interested in knowing about his life and him and him as a person.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Brouhaha- over excited reaction to something

Cloy- discussed or sickened

Demeanor-outward behavior

Deference- humble submission or respect

Enigmatic- difficult to interpret or understand

Definitive- conclusion

Bumptious- proud to an irritating degree

Choleric- bad tempered

Bulwark- a defensive wall

Curtail- reduce in quantity

Adamant- refusing to be persuaded

Profligate- wasteful in use of resources

Mawkish- sentimental in a feeble or sickly way

Thwart- preventing someone from accomplishing something

Onus- used to refer to something that is ones duty or responsibility

Requisite- made necessary by particular circumstances

Mollify- appease the anger or anxiety if someone

Sartorial- relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress

Presentiment- intuitive feeling about the future

Impromptu- done without being planned , organized, or rehearsed

Forbearance- formal patience or self control

Remit- refrain from inflicting

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fahrenheit 451 in 3 mintues.

Here is a quick summery of all the things you need to take in mind while reading/understanding this novel.

Click Here

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well I did some research on why Bradbury used "dover beach" this page was very insightful!

Dover Beach explanation  

in that page this line pretty much sums up why Dover Beach was chosen. "The poem Dover Beach can be compared to Fahrenheit 451 because both pieces of writing talk about themes of true love, fantasy and allover hopelessness." 
 If had to choose a poem for this part in the novel it would "Tryin on cloths" by Shell Silverstein. I relate it to this novel because this poem is about finding peace and becoming one with nature, I feel like saying these kind of ideas to the people in Fahrenheit 451would cause a lot of controversy and thought which is exactly what Montag was trying to do when he was reciting poetry. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vocab list

Praetorian: pertaining to praetor
Sieve: instrument with perforated bottom
Veiled: covered or concealed led
Sacron: artificial sweetner
Harlequin: comical character, usually masked
Toil: hard and continuous work
Delinquint: fail to a duty of obligation
Gibbering: to speak inarticulately or meaningless
Insidious: intended to entrap or beguile 

Stroon: spead out at random
Patronage: act of buying something
Cadence: pace
Suffused: to spread through or over
Centrifuged: a machine that seperates substances by spinning fast
Dentifrice: a paste or powder for cleaning teeth
Leisure: freedom from work, free time
Vessel: ship of large boat
Phonograph: a record player
Profusion: an abundance of something

Monday, February 4, 2013


I guess I need to read this more but this is what I have got so far.  Start thinking about this quote 

I got that the writers of today are becoming limited to their full creativity, and that they find it easier and more acceptable to tell about what is wrong with our world and hope that you see the problems and YOU fix them. They're like those kids in class that would always point out a mess in the class room but never cleaned it up. I also felt like he pointed out to the read that there is always some sort of stimulation the brain craves but is inevitably unreachable.


Praetorian-Of or having the powers of a praetor.

Sieve- a utensil consisting of a mesh held in a frame.

Veiled- to cover with or as though with a veil.

Sacron- words made with letters.

Harlequin- a mute character in traditional pantomime.

Toil- to work extremely hard or incessantly.

Delinquent- showing or characterized by their tendency to commit minor crimes.

Gibbering- speaking rapidly and unintelligently.

Insidious- proceeding in a gradual, and subtle way.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I used my time well today. I focused mainly on my upcoming assignments which are requiring a lot of thought, I took a couple notes and jotted down some ideas for my work. Hopefully I'll have a productive upcoming week and be able to present all of my work with a noticeable amount of effort.