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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


                             Ray Bradbury wrote this novel as a cry for help. He could for see what would happen if we, the people, didn't take care of our lives and just follow in line with everyone else (just cause it was the right thing to do, at the time.) I feel like he wanted to shed light on a really dark thought that everyone some had pondered about but never really felt like it could happen. Eric Blair or who he is better know as, George Orwell did the same thing with his novel 1984 (MUST READ ! it is an amazing book) his book shocked the system and made everyone realize how much of our own government could control us. 

                             Ray Bradbury's novel is written in such a way that you, the reader, learns as the character develops. He uses a technique call a Buildingsroman, and this technique deals with a person's development or spiritual education. He also involves allusions and syntax in parts of this novel to hint on people of things he finds are important and to show how the character is acting at that very moment.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


(i'm writing this as Clarisse)

Title :   "Inhale the Idea / Exhale a Realization"

Some call it the Devil's lettuce. 
To others it stops the pain. 
With so many methods it almost a fetish. 
But you have to look past the Strain. 

It has hurt some. 
But not in the way you think. 
For a rose is beautiful
until it is besmirched by a stink.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Theme for english 3

Dr. preston said
 Go home and write
Your page tonight. 
From your knowledge of English B
and Label it Theme of English 3.

I thought it wouldn't be possible to say who I am.
knowing the rules, the teachers, and the reputation.
I'm with that crowd that "doesn't give a damn"
and who's minds, unknowingly complex, like constellations.

To tell what I do on Friday and Saturday nights.
Might be the same to shoot myself in the foot.
But everyone in high school knows what happens at parties.
Friends meet, drugs used, laughs shared, and memories made.

At seventeen, my age, you encounter the greatest cases of stress.
So whats the shame in relaxing for the week, letting it out,
and making the best.
The best of every set back, every score, every test that you abhor.
Every morning, the late nights, the work to get things right.
Every bit to never quit, for every day that we fight.
There is the sense of delight.

For at the end of the week, the stress is tackled.
Recovery is partaken.
bodies relaxed.


Thursday, January 10, 2013


 Of coarse we can define music as literature ! Music has been around for centuries and most, (if not all) music in the early ages of man, told a story. I would say that what we consider literature is anything that gives us insight or a refreshing remembrance on life experiences, something that relates to life/anything around you, or thoughts.
 In my opinion There is no difference between a poem, rap, song, ect... The only difference is how you hear the story, and to take that thought one step further how it impacts you when heard.

Example: The poem richard cory in three ways. A rap, a song, and spoken aloud. 
if you can tell from each one, you get the same understanding and knowledge of the story but each one is unique in how it is heard

 1.) Richard Cory Rap

 2.) Richard Cory as a sung song

 3.) Richard Cory as spoken poetry